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Why Squarespace?

Every website designer has a preferred platform for building websites and a good reason for making that decision. I have been designing on Squarespace for the past 4 years and enjoy the usability and flexibility of the platform. With the increasing number of integrations available for more complex sites, there have not been many limitations I have come across. Many people have asked me why I choose Squarespace, so here are a few reasons why we exclusively use Squarespace for website design:

Focus on Design

Every website has 2 major components: the design and the code. Wordpress and other website builders can require massive amounts of back-end setup before the design of a website can begin to take shape. Squarespace handles all of the back-end code and allows the designer to focus on what the customer really cares about - the design of the website. Skipping all of the set-up and being able to jump straight into designing saves the designer time and it saves you money.

Automatic Maintenance

Let’s say you’re happy with your website and it launches. Everything is going great for 6 months but one day a customer calls and complains that something doesn’t look right on your website or they are unable to access your website at all. You have to find someone to fix it...and fast. Squarespace takes care of all this for you automatically. With an average 99% uptime, your customers are always able to visit your website.

Easy Editing

The Squarespace platform provides easy editing so you can make changes to your website whenever you desire. All of the editing is done on the front of the website so you can see what changes you’re making in real time without the need to switch views. Rearranging a page becomes as simple as dragging and dropping. Styling text is as straightforward as using built-in so you don’t have to worry about brand consistency. Get stuck? Squarespace has an enormous online help resource center found at

Built-In Security

Website security is becoming more important for every site, even sites that do not handle any type of secure data like memberships or eCommerce transactions. Google is even beginning to prioritize websites on the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) and may eventually exclude sites that are not secure. SSL, or secure sockets layer, is the standard for website security because it provides a constant, secure connection between the browser and every page on your website. Normally an SSL certificate must be purchased separately and installed on the website, but it is a built-in feature of Squarespace saving you $100s of dollars per year.

There are many more reasons that I love using Squarespace but this is the top few. Although, Squarespace might not be for everyone. Shoot us a message today and find out if you have a website project that we might be able to help you with!